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Belt Sheaves & Bushings

Hydraulic cylinders, PTO parts, bearings, sheaves, belts, shaft couplers and brands like HKK Chain, Drives, Amec, Carlisle, G&G, and KML at PaulB Hardware
image belt sheaves and bushings

Belt Sheaves & Bushings

Shop from fixed-bore and small, single-groove to large, multiple-groove bushings at PaulB Hardware. You’ll find a large inventory of bushings and belt sheaves for your transmission needs, for small electric motors to large diesel engines. We sell A, B, C, and A/B sheaves. Shop here for JA, SH, SDS, SD, SK, and other types of bushings. We also sell idler pulleys for all sorts of uses. PaulB Hardware sells trusted brands like Amec and Baldor Maska.

Amec brand sheave

Product Categories

  • Aluminum Cast Sheaves
  • Fixed Bore "A" Sheaves
  • Fixed Bore "B" Sheaves
  • Light Duty Bushings "A" Sheaves
  • Light Duty Bushings "B" Sheaves
  • H/L Light Duty Bushings
  • QD Type "A/B" Sheaves
  • QD Type "C" Sheaves
  • JA Type Bushings
  • SH Type Bushings
  • SDS Type Bushings
  • SD Type Bushings
  • SK Type Bushings
  • SF Type Bushings
  • E Type Bushings
  • F Type Bushings
  • Taper-Lock Type Bushings
  • Weld-On Hubs For QD Bushings
  • Narrow Groove "3V" Sheaves
  • Narrow Groove "5V" Sheaves
  • Weldapulleys
  • Split Taper "Browning" Bushings
  • V Idler Pulleys
  • Flat Idler Pulleys
  • Heavy Duty Idler Pulleys


We're Open!

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We're Open!

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4774 State Route 655, Belleville, PA, 17004

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Regular Hours

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Regular Hours

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