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New Items

Milwaukee M18 SWITCH TANK 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer Kit $399.99


Milwaukee M18 SWITCH TANK 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer Kit
  • No manual pumping
  • Instant, constant and 5-mode,
    20-120psi adjustable pressure
  • Interchangeable components for greater flexibility and cost saving
  • Kit includes power unit, 4gal tank assembly, M18/M12 multi-voltage charger and M18 XC 3.0ah battery
  • Available SWITCH TANK 4gal assemblies (M491628CS Concrete Sprayer Tank Assembly,  M491628WS Water Supply Tank Assembly, and M491628PS Sprayer Tank Assembly)

Libman Cleaning Products

Libman Cleaning Products
  • #1 Cleaning brand in America
  • Manufactured in the USA, central Illinois and founded 1896
  • Committed to quality and performance
  • Mops, brushes, buckets, plungers, sponges, squeegees, gloves, liquid cleaners & more!

Solar USB LED Motion Dusk-Dawn Light


Solar USB LED Motion Dusk-Dawn Light
  • 8800mAh battery solar charged or charged via USB input
  • USB output as well
  • 2400 Lumens
  • Outdoor rated w/multiple mounting options
  • 360°, 15ft motion detection
  • Auto 3min shutoff

Kiln Dried .75cf
Firewood Bundle


Firewood bundle
  • Great for quick backyard campfires or camping trips

Dimensional Lumber
#2 Premium & Treated Yellow Pine

Stack of 2x4 treated lumber
Lititz store only
  • TYP: 2x4x8, 2x6x8, 2x6x12, 2x10x10, 2x12x10, 4x4x8 and 5/4x6x12
  • SPF: 2x4x8, 2x4x12, 2x6x8, 2x6x12, 2x10x8, and 1x3x8 furring lath

Plywood & OSB

Plywood & OSB
Lititz store only
  • 4x8 x 7/16" OSB
  • 4x8 x 3/4" T&G OSB Subfloor
  • 4x8 x 1/2" Plywood
  • 4x8 x 3/4" Plywood


Stack of 4x9 drywall, sheetrock
Lititz store only
  • 1/2" x 4x8
  • 1/2" x 4x12
  • 5/8" x 4x8 Fire Code
  • 5/8" x 4x12 Fire Code
  • 1/2" x 4x8 Moisture Resistant

Insulation, Foam Board, and Ice/Water Shield

R-19 insulation bundles
Lititz store only
  • R13 3.5" x 15" Kraft Faced x 93" 12pk R19 6.25" x 15" Kraft Faced x 93" 10pk R30 10" x 16" Kraft Faced x 48" 13pk R30 10" x 24" Kraft Faced x 48" 11pk
  • 3/4" Foam Board Insulation R5 1-1/2" Foam Board Insulation R7.5
  • Ice & Water Shield 2sq
    15# Felt Paper 4sq
    30# Felt Paper 2sq

Previous New Items

Fein Turbo II X Vac


Fein Turbo II X Vac
  • 9.3 gallons, 151 cfm, 98.8" water lift and 31.1 lbs
  • Includes 1 HEPA filter, 1 disposal bag, 1 suction hose, 13ft - 1-3/8in dia, 1 tool coupling w/suction control, 1 step adapter, 2 metal extension tubes, 1 combination tool with interchangeable inserts, 1 crevice nozzle, 1 dusting nozzle and 1 elbow.

Milwaukee 48″ REDSTICK Concrete Level


Milwaukee 48in REDSTICK Concrete Level
  • Smooth, screed & level with the same tool
  • Magnified bubble for easy vial reading
  • 2" magnesium base and all metal core
  • Easy to clean

Bosch Dare Devil
Spade Bit 6pc Set


Bosch Dare Devil Spade Bit 6pc Set
  • 10X faster
  • Pulls the bit through the wood
  • Sizes 1/4" - 1-1/2"
  • 13pc set also available
    (DSB5013P - $34.99)

Bosch Nail-Strike
Wood Boring Bit 6pc Set


Bosch Nail Strike Bit 6pc Set
  • Cuts up to 30 nails
  • Pulls the bit through wood
  • 1/2" - 1-1/4"
  • 6pc set also available
    (NS5003 - $24.99)
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