8 in 200 Ft 200 Ft Diamond Comp Filter Sock

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Diversion Sock is much heavier and denser than Compost Filter Sock so water is conveyed along it, no through it. Diversion Sock is placed above the job site in a diagonal orientation. Fresh water flows along Diversion Sock and around the disturbed areas of the job site. Diversion Sock ships on a pallet or in a super sack to make your Fresh water diversion even easier. Installed on a 5% diagonal fall, Diversion Sock moves water away from your disturbed areas.
  • Little to no hydraulic flow through
  • 30% Heavier than Compost filter Sock
  • Can be vegetated as a permanent device
  • Can be adjusted/moved on the job site
  • Easier than excavating fresh water diversion ditch
  • Stakes included for every 5 ft
  • 50% Compost filter sock fill plus 50% leaf compost
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Brand MKB Company
Date Added Aug 3, 2023
Store Location (Lititz, PA) Tank Yard
Package Length (in) 40.00"
Package Width (in) 48.00"
Package Height (in) 72.00"
Size 8 in
Length 200 Ft