2023 PaulB Ladies Night at Lititz store2023 PaulB Ladies Night at Lititz store

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Our employees make PaulB a great place to work and to shop. We seek to provide our employees with a schedule and benefits that allow them to have a fulfilling career here, but to also lead productive personal lives outside of work. As one of our employees put it, "I can enjoy my family at home and can enjoy serving the community and the church...To me, the importance of that balance is not just to have fun at work but work to have fun as well."


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Our customers are more like family and friends. PaulB is a locally owned, locally operated hardware store that has been serving south central Pennsylvania since 1947. That is a lot of time to build some great relationships. We're grateful for each one of our customers and for the loyalty to PaulB for over 75 years. Although not too many have shopped here since 1947, there are many who have been PaulB customers for most of their lives. Thank you! We will continue to make every effort to serve our customers and help them in the spirit of Christ.

Church & Community

We are motivated to help build strong, vibrant churches and communities. We are committed to helping the local church as it responds to the needs in our communities and around the world. We are also invested in the organizations and individuals that are involved in public service to our communities such as local fire companies, paramedics, police, and other first responders. We recognize that these organizations make it possible for our communities and our businesses to exist and to thrive.


We don't just sell hardware, we fix it too. When your power tool, outdoor power equipment, generator, air compressor, or even PTO shaft needs to be repaired, bring it to PaulB. In addition, we have glass and screen shops in our Mechanicsburg & Lititz stores where we can make custom glass and plexiglass items and repair or even create custom screens.

Spiritual Freedom

John 8:36 reads, "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye are free indeed.

I said it would never happen, but once Olly (the inside puppy) arrived in our home, everyone was smitten! Once he learned to climb out of the one pen, I purchased a taller one I knew he would never escape. I was glad that after several weeks of exhausted attempts, he finally gave up trying. When I packed the shorter pen for a family trip, my wife commented that the dog would easily jump out. I assured her he wouldn't even try because he had been convinced he couldn't. I was right! That is fine for a dog, but it is not for people. Most of us have past hurts and failures that have made us believe the lie that we can't grow past those experiences. Once we have exchanged our sins for the grace...

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